✨1:1 Career Chats for Black UXers✨


I'm offering up weekly timeslots for 60 minutes over video conference calls. My sessions prioritize up-and-coming Black UXers*. I am not a career coach - I'm just here to provide my personal experiences and advice, based on my own experiences as a WOC leader in UX. See my background and motivations

What I can offer

What I can't offer

*For those who don't identify with this community, I encourage you to look for support with your local IXDA or Hexagon UX chapter. I recommend Hexagon's mentorship programs (disclosure: I led the Seattle chapter for 3 years). There are also resources that are easily findable on the WWW. Here are just a few:

Covid Layoffs

Researchers for Hire

Candor's list of companies hiring

Diversify Tech

Design Gigs for Good

ADP List

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About me

👋🏼 I'm Catherine. I'm a UX strategy leader with experience as both a designer and researcher. I'm a self-taught UXer, and have been in this field for 10+ years. You may know me from Twitter, Hexagon UX, from a talk I gave, or not at all. I studied music performance and cultural anthropology at Stanford, then spent 5 years in arts nonprofit fundraising, before realizing I wanted to grow and make an impact with my creative and analytical skills helping people with technology. I've worked on design teams in startups, consultancy, and large enterprises, both as a full-time employee and contractor/freelancer. My pronouns are she/her.


In the past, I occasionally offered 1:1 sessions as my free time allowed via word of mouth. I'm not a career coach, but I want to share my knowledge so you can grow and elevate your career, and this website is my way of making it a regular practice. I've been fortunate to have a few top-notch managers and mentors -- unofficial and official -- support me along the way. I know that not everyone has access to this. I'm weary of the homogeneity in my field, and I'm fired up to increase Black representation in the UX hiring pipeline through access to knowledge, advice and real talk.